Single Head Manual Stitching

Single head manual stitching machine offered on paperekart is perfect for stitching corrugated boxes and cartons with great precision. Our single-head manual stitching machine is a suitable option when stitching multiple boxes and cartons at a time.

Brand: Kingsun
Machine No: 20221215001
Size: 1800mm
Mfg Yr: 2022
Location China
Description Manual Carton Stitching Machine Corrugated Cardboard Stapling Stapler Machine 1. Carton box stapler machine machine electric parts 1.Chint mini-circuit breaker DZ47-2P16 2.times Funing proximity switch GAMS-18GM-N1 3.Customizing power distribution boxes 8 Power cable 1.5m 9 Encoder wire 1.5m 10 Power cable 3.5m 11 Encoder wire 3.5 meters 12 Kunlun state 7 inch screen TPC7062KTC(TD) 4. Simple drive main control and servo drive control integrated double servo 5.Simple drive servo motor 130-6nm motor 6.Taiwan Mingwei switching power supply 35W 7. Schenle relay 2. Carton box stapler machine technical parameters Model Stapling Speed Stapling Thickness Stretching Length of the holding Arm Exterior Dimension Weight DX-600 250 s/min 3/5 ply 600 mm 970x400x1300 85KG DX-900 250 s/min 3/5/7 ply 900 mm 1360x580x1540 275kg DX-1200 250 s/min 3/5/7 ply 1200mm 1700x580x1650 550kg DX-1400 250 s/min 3/5/7 ply 1400mm 1900x580x1650 590kg DX-1800 250 s/min 3/5/7 ply 1800mm 2270x630x1710 700kg 3.Carton box stapler machine specifications 1.the stitching machine head adopts CAM rotation, the structure is simple and easy to maintain, the fork knife overall line cutting and the use of special material, especially the knife head using alloy material durable, connecting rod adopts bearing connection, reduce wear, improve service life. 2.The paper feeding section adopts servo control, precise nail distance, no technical requirements for staff. 3.Stitching machine arms are 1.8m long, and the actual operating surface (box height plus a swing cover) is 1.6m 4.Stitching machine Adjustable speed, 150 times minutes -450 times minutes Read More

Brand: Pack O Mat
Machine No: 20221008010
Size: As Per the Customer Requirement
Mfg Yr: 2022
Location Bhiwandi, Mumbai, India
Description The machines are sturdy compact in design & simple in operation & maintenance. The components are made of highest standard of appropriate metals and given precise heat treatment. The machine are perfectly accurate, the parts are interchangeable. The machin operates at speed of 300 stitches per minute. SPECIFICATIONS : : SIZE (IN INCHES) 36'' 42'' 48'' POWER HP .5 .5 .5 Read More